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University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM). A leading campus with A accreditation from BAN-PT, which is very exotic, was built in the area which is suitable with the topography of hills, valleys, and rivers. The land is overgrown with lots of greenery and is split by Brantas River. The campus is green, lovely, picturesque, shady and certainly comfortable for studying.

UMM was found in 1964 in Malang, East Java about 98 kilometers south of Surabaya. Malang is a hilly city surrounded by four mountains: Panderman, Arjuno, Kawi, and Semeru. Being 550 metres above sea level, Malang has a cool climate which ranges from 23.370C - 30.010C. With these conditions, Malang is well known as a City of Flower and City of Education. Owing to these conditions, many students from other parts of Indonesia and overseas prefer to study in Malang.

UMM has three campuses in which the locations are strategic and accessible via land, air, and sea transportation. Currently, over 26.500 students from the all study programs, both domestic and foreign are studying at UMM. Our foreign students are from various countries such as Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, East Timor,  Europe and America.  The faculties at UMM are 10 faculties and 1 Postgraduate Program with the total of study programs are: 3 for Diploma Degree (D3), 34 for Bachelor Degree (S1), 7 programs at Postgraduate (S2), 2 Doctoral Programs (S3), and 2 Profession Programs.

UMM has cooperated with many parties, both with national and international institution. The in progress international relations are: Erasmus Mundus, ACICIS, Peace Corps America, BGP Engineering Netherland, AMINEF, AIESEC, EESTEC, USAID, AUSAID, American Corner, Iran Corner, etc.

As a leading private university, UMM had got admittance from external parties; those are: A accreditation from BAN-PT (2013), Two Stars from QS Star, KNAPP Accredited, Accredited from MTD Registered Public Accountants, Accredited from NQA Global Assurance, etc. Moreover, the achievements of UMM are: winning Leading Campus Award (AKU) East Java since 2008, winning AKU Kartika kopertis VII East Java as the Leading Campus in East Java, Runner Up of Adi Upaya Puritama IInd Class (for Rusunawa), Runner Up of ASEAN Energy Award, 18th rank of Indonesia Level at Webometrics (has ever got 8th rank), 5th rank of International Level at Rich Files Content webometrics, 5th rank of Indonesia Level for Repository webometrics, 19th rank of Indonesia 4icu, , rank 22 TesCa-Telkom, etc.  UMM also got an award from USA Government as the Host of Peace Corps USA starting from 2010.
In term of facility, UMM has provided the necessary equipments either academic facility, non academic facility, public facility, and recreational facility to support students comfort in their studies. Thus, the learning-teaching and administration processes are supported by the adequate ICT facilities and management information system. As a result, the teaching-learning processes at UMM are known as being efficient, up-to-date and student friendly. And as for the existing facilities at UMM, such as:

Masjid AR. Fachruddin

UMM Dome

Gedung Kuliah Bersama (GKB) 1
Hotel Pendidikan UMM INN

Rumah Sakit Pendidikan UMM
and anymore...,

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